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STI BR 380 The next task is to place the leaf blower on the ground, and hold the leaf blower firmly with your left hand while holding the starter with your rht hand. STI BR 380. BA_BR340380_86_U_G5Seite 0 Montag, 4. Juli 2005 08. Warning! Read and follow all safety precautions in. Instruction Manual.

STI BR 380 Backpack Blower - Factory Instruction Sti leaf blowers have a specific starting procedure, and missing a step in that procedure may cause a leaf blower to have trouble starting. STI BR 380 Backpack Blower - Factory Instruction Manual SUBSCRIBE MY

STI BR 320, 400 - Move the leaf blower's stop switch to the “Run” position. This Manual contains operating and safety instructions for all STI BR 320. BR 320 L, BR 400 blowers. Pay special attention to the safety precautions outlined.

The Oil Ratio for a Sti Leaf Blower Home Guides SF Simultaneously squeeze the throttle trger, which is beneath the handle, and press in the lockout button, which is on the side of the handle near the throttle trger. One of the simplest ways to keep a Sti leaf blower blowing at its best is to fill it with the recommended mixture of oil to gas. Sti's user manuals recommend.

Stihl br 380 manual download:

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