Getrag 5 speed manual transmission fluid

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Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide - CARQUEST Choose the gear oil most performance minded MINI owners are now using in their manual gearboxes in both the Cooper and Cooper S. Manual Transmissions where an API GL-5 or -1 fluid is specified. Synchromesh F, ATF +4. Getrag 238 Manual Transmission. 6-speed. Tremec T56.

Redline® l Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid - Mini Mania This 70W80 API GL-4 gear oil is compatible with the Texaco F94 fluid in stock tranmsissions and ones with the limited slip differential option. See our Mini Cooper Transmission Fluid Application Guide for more options. 5-speed manual transmission GS5-65BH / GS5-65SH manufactured by Midland. 6-speed manual transmission GS6-85 BG/DG manufactured by Getrag Cooper.

MINI Cooper Manual Transmission and Differential Fluid Replacement For manual transmissions in the following models: 5-speed manual transmission: GS5-65BH / GS5-65SH manufactured by Midland 2002-07/2004 R50 MINI Cooper Hatchback - Texaco F94 6-speed manual transmission: GS6-85 BG/DG manufactured by Getrag (Cooper S) 2002-07/2004 R53 Cooper S Hatchback - Texaco F94 up to 07/2004 R52 Cooper S Convertible - Texaco F94 6-speed manual transmission: GS6-85 BG/DG manufactured by Getrag (Cooper S with Limited Slip Differential) 01/2005-2006 R53 Cooper S Hatchback with LSD - Texaco F94 01/2005-2008 R52 Cooper S Convertible with LSD - Texaco F94 Red Line Transmission Lubricants are desned to provide excellent low-temperatrue shiftability and improved gear protection at hher temperatures. MINI Specifies the use of F-94 oil in the Getrag 6-speed. Shown here is the drain plug removed from a MINI Cooper with the 5 speed transmission. Fure 7.

GETRAG G360 5 Speed - Diesel Hub The stability of these products allow them to be used for extended periods. GETRAG G360 5 speed manual transmission specs, ratios, and information. long distances as the transmission fluid can reach relatively hh temperatures.

MINI Cooper Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide Efficiency improvements between 1 - 5% are typical. Satisfies manual transmissions and transaxles requiring motor oils, or GL-1, GL-3, or GL-4 gear oils. Nov 14, 2013. For Automatic Transmission Fluids, see our Mini Cooper Automatic. 2006, R50 COOPER HATCHBACK, GS5-52 BG GETRAG 5-SPEED.

Causes of Catastrophic Manual Transmission Failures The synthetic base stocks used have tremendous thermal stability and provide the best film strength available. Eliminates gear whine and rattle at hh temperatures. The worst er of manual transmissions we see on Dodge Turbo-Diesel trucks. If you have a first generation truck with the Getrag G360, your transmission has. transmission fluid may work great in your buddy's Ford Ranger 5 speed, but it.

<i>Manual</i> <i>Transmission</i> <i>Fluid</i> Application Guide - CARQUEST
Redline® l Synthetic <em>Manual</em> <em>Transmission</em> <em>Fluid</em> - Mini Mania
MINI Cooper <em>Manual</em> <em>Transmission</em> and Differential <em>Fluid</em> Replacement
<strong>GETRAG</strong> G360 5 <strong>Speed</strong> - Diesel Hub

Getrag 5 speed manual transmission fluid:

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