Getrag five-speed manual transmission

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Valair Clutches for 88-93 12V Cummins with Getrag Chrysler added webbing to the weak case as time went on. The 1st Generation Cummins with hand shakers sport a five speed Getrag transmission that has proven itself to be a stout transmission for the orinal intended.

GETRAG G360 5 Speed - Diesel Hub The A-525 was far more common; debuting in 1984 and lasting through 1990, the A-525 was based on the A-465, but had closer gear ratios and better synchronizers and other upgrades. GETRAG G360 5 speed manual transmission specs, ratios, and information. The GETRAG 5 speed was offered in Cummins equipped Dodge pickups beginning.

Getrag - pedia Starting in 1987, it was used solely on the lhtweht Horizon based L-bodies (Omni, Charger, Turismo, and of course Horizon). Getrag is the world's largest supplier of transmission systems for passenger cars and. The portfolio ranges from classical manual transmissions, automated manual transmissions and automatic transmissions based on dual clutch.

Valair Clutches for 88-93 12V Cummins with <em>Getrag</em>
<i>GETRAG</i> G360 5 Speed - Diesel Hub
<i>Getrag</i> - pedia
Dodge 5 Speed <strong>Transmission</strong> eBay
Dodge with Cummins Diesel - Standard <em>Transmission</em> &
<i>Getrag</i> 360, G360 Dodge Diesel W-250, W-350 Rebuilt 5
<i>GETRAG</i> <i>Manual</i> <i>Transmissions</i> <i>GETRAG</i>
Chrysler 5 Speed <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Transmissions</strong> - Allpar

Getrag five-speed manual transmission:

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